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July 29, 2010

Cheap Ways to Keep a Clean Air in Your Condo.

This is a follow up to my previous post Why Is Proper Ventilation Vital In Your Condo and now I will share some ways on how you can keep your unit filled  with fresh air all the time. While there are high-tech air filtration system that you can buy in the market, there are also economical ways to get clean air in your home and these are simple things that we often take for granted.

Proper garbage disposal – Well this is obvious but we often take this for granted because of our busy lifestyle. Having garbage bins with cover is not enough. Following proper waste management by segregating biodegradable wastes from non-biodegradable ones and properly disposing the former can really make a difference not just in our home but in the environment as well. This will also keep rats, cockroaches and flies from your home and this means you won’t need to use insecticides or pesticides which is also a contributing factor to having unclean air in your home.

Refrain from using toxic cleaning materials – The cabinet under our kitchen sink is usually filled with different kinds of chemical cleaning materials and the fumes from all these things combined is not a pleasant smell. So what do we use then? Let’s go back to basics and use these instead.
  • Baking Soda: Acts as an abrasive
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Removes stains
  • Vinegar: Removes grease and soap buildup; also replaces bleach
  • Diluted Lemon Juice or Vinegar: Cleans windows
  • Borax: slows mold growth and boosts cleaning power of other cleaners

Be mindful of your pets – Some condo projects do not allow pets because they tend to be annoyingly noisy and they poop everywhere when not toilet trained. Poorly groomed dog or cat can also contribute to the quality of the air in your condo. Be sure to know the condo rules about having pets in your unit and be sure to take good care of your pet if you’re allowed to have one.

Don’t smoke cigarettes (or pots) inside your home – Quite obvious…Aye! 

Clean your unit regularly – be sure to clean your home regularly to avoid dust and allergens buildup especially in high flat surfaces. Clean your window blinds or laundry your curtains and vacuum your carpets regularly as these things tend to gather dust and allergens more than anything else. Keep your kitchen clean too.

Put plants in your home – Do you know the benefits of having an indoor plant in your home? First, it adds beauty and makes the room more inviting and friendly. Second, it is a stress reliever. Scientific studies proved that the sight of plants have a calming effect to humans. And third, scientific studies also proved that houseplants can improve indoor air quality because plants and their root microbes are nature’s biological cleaning machines. Wow!

There you go. These are simple things that we can implement right away without emptying our pockets. Remember! Clean air starts in our home. Make a difference!

Live a beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta 

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