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July 07, 2010

It Matters: Getting To Know The Developer

Let me tell you a story. My first training as a project sales consultant was with DMCI Homes and in that training; I was immersed with their strengths as a contractor/developer. I knew I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I market their projects because they have the system, they have a very good reputation as a contractor/developer, they know their market and they have a firm mission/vision. I myself was convinced on the value they offer and I wanted to buy in one of their projects in the near future. That training has become a benchmark for me and I was half expecting that all developers provide the same kind of professional engagement with their brokers but the following experience proved me wrong.

During DMCI’s accreditation, I get to acquaint myself with other more experienced brokers and they invited me to get accredited with other developers too, to which I accepted.  So there I went in one of the projects of this well known developer to get my accreditation. It is a mid-rise complex with a proposed SoHo (Small office/home office) type commercial building in front. It seems to be a nice place on the outside but since I’ve seen DMCI projects during our tripping, I knew I had to see more.

We were called inside one of the units on the ground floor to start the accreditation and I was surprised that they are trying to fit all twelve of us in one of the bedroom with a long table and only six chairs. So we didn’t start on time because they are still trying to find chairs for us. That’s the first bummer. I also learned that they don’t give accreditation that covers all their projects, meaning, what I was getting accredited for was only for that specific project. Not like with DMCI wherein you can market all their projects after the training. That was strike two.

After the accreditation, they said they would charge us 30 pesos for the ID and that it would take two weeks before we could claim it at their main office. What the…! I can’t believe we need to go through that hassle. I almost thought that it’s really a payment for the snacks they served. Strike three. We were led to the model units but they just let us freely roam around without discussing the features of the building with regards to ventilation and in case of fire and earthquake. Come to think of it, they didn’t even discuss their mission /vision either. And the most notable turn off for me was when I saw the flood marks still visible in the laundry area of the model unit. It has been five months after Ondoy’s wrath. It should have been covered or at least cleaned considering it’s the model unit.

The project was cheaper compared to DMCI condos but given a choice between the two, I would definitely choose DMCI because you can really get more value for your money. DMCI structure their buildings in such a way that you can truly see how they value home living and that they are committed to their mission/vision.

I thanked my friend for inviting me there but I decided not to pursue it because that developer somehow managed to convey negative image on me that I think they’re not worth my efforts. I wish I just stayed home and read a good book.  

My point is, you really have to know the developer. My thinking was if that was how they treat their brokers, it also reflects how they will treat their customers. Know their mission/vision because that clearly tells you if they are just there to make money or if they really are providing value. Be wise! Go on tripping with different projects with different developers and compare. Invest time to know more because it’s your hard earned money at stake.

You think this is just one experience? No it’s not. Next time I will share another. I don’t want to bore you that much you know.

Live a beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta

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