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July 25, 2010

Why Is Proper Ventilation Vital In Your Condo?

Since condominium units are clustered in a building, proper ventilation can be a challenge, especially to those in the inner units. This is true if the building is not planned in a way that natural ventilation is optimized. Natural ventilation is the ventilation of a building with outside air without the use of a fan or other mechanical system but with effective architectural design instead.

Although there are other ways to ventilate your unit, it is always better to consider it beforehand while still looking for a condo to purchase. Because the more effective the ventilation is in your chosen condo, the lesser the expense you will incur to optimize it.

Now, to answer the title above: Why is proper ventilation important? It is because of these seven factors that can affect not only you and your family but can also cause the deterioration or damage to your condo unit. These are as follows:

Condensation – Condensation can cause damping of walls, peeling of wallpaper, and rotting window frames. Proper air ventilation can prevent condensation.

Mold – Black mold can grow on damp surfaces and airborne spores can be inhaled. Ventilation will lessen the chances of mold growth and make your home healthier.

Bacteria – Bacteria needs humidity to survive and multiply. The higher the humidity and temperature, the more and faster they multiply. With ventilation systems and humidity control equipment, you can dehumidify your home to lessen the chances of bacteria survival, making the air less polluted with allergens and bacteria.

Fumes – Many common household items which are mostly chemical based, produce fumes when used. These items include things like bleaching agents, detergents, insect sprays, candles, gas and oil appliances; because they all give off fumes that contain certain chemicals. When used in a confined area or regularly in large amounts, they can be very unhealthy.

Dust Mites – Dust mites are parasites that can be inhaled by people which can cause certain breathing problems for a long span of time. Some problems that might be encountered by a person exposed to dust mites are asthma, rhinitis, bronchial and other allergic conditions. They thrive in moist conditions, or a place with a relatively high percentage of humidity. Using a humidistat can determine if your home’s humidity is at the correct levels for your health, if it’s too high, you can decrease it using the dehumidifier.

Odors – With kitchen chemicals and equipments in your home, there is a big chance that anything would produce a nasty odor, like acidic materials, gas, insecticides and stuff. With a good ventilation system, or simple solution like exhaust fans, you can easily disperse the concentration of the odor in your kitchen by sucking it and blowing it out. Making the air in your kitchen fresher and easier to breathe.

Explosion Prevention – Basic science can explain that the most common explosion with chemical fuels are highly possible in closed conditions or rooms like a kitchen. The more a petroleum gas is present in the air, like your kitchen, in a situation of a gas leak, the more it is possible to create an explosion or fire because it has no ventilation and the air cannot disperse into space. Exhaust fans or simply windows and ventilation systems can lessen the dangers of house hold explosions in connection to gas leaks. Source

On my next post, I will share some ways on how you can keep a clean air in your condo unit.

Live a beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta

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