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August 13, 2010

How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

Sometimes no matter how welcoming and beautiful your chosen condo project is, with refreshingly landscaped gardens, resort-like amenities, dedicated property managers and courteous security officers, having a habitually noisy neighbor takes away your enthusiasm to enjoy the cozy ambiance of your home. It is natural for us to get irritated especially if the  frequency is not reasonable anymore for us to keep our temper. It would be easier if there is property management in the community that you can call to deal with the offending neighbor for you but what are the best and lasting things to do if there is none?

Let me list some of the best practices of long time condo dwellers to help you deal with this kind of neighbor.

Start in your home – It would be a good start to practice regulating noise in your home. Be sure that each member of the family is aware that any unnecessary noise would affect the privacy of those above, below and the sides of your home and that they should always be cautious on this. You can also dampen the noise coming in and out of your home if your windows have rubber seals and you have solid wooden doors too. Installing heavy drapes also helps in absorbing sound as well as heat from outside.

Befriend your neighbors – It would be easier for you to approach your neighbor about their noise if you have established a relationship with them beforehand. They will also be more sensitive to your privacy and might even notify you of the pending noise if they are planning a party or better yet be invited as well to join the noise. Befriending a neighbor may not be that much practiced nowadays but your friendly effort will surely go a long way.

Be reasonable - Before you get irritated, try to assess your noise threshold. Your vulnerability to noise might be lower than what other people consider as noisy. A good way to know is to ask other family members that you’re currently with, if the noise from your neighbor is irritating them as well. If not, then you might just have had a bad day and because of this, petty irregularities can easily cause you to get irritated. So, unless a furniture in your home is vibrating with every bass drum beat from your neighbor’s music – Tug-s-tug-s-tug… or a wine glass breaks from the loud laughter or singing - Don’t complain!

Talk to your neighbor
– They may not know that they are causing that much noise and communicating this concern properly to them is the key to a harmonious relationship. You might say, “That’s hard!” Yes I know and it’s easier to just bang loudly on the wall, ceiling or floor to get their attention. But this would likely offend them more rather than make them feel genuinely concerned plus the fact that this is not an act of a rational being. It is also a big no-no to confront your neighbor while still irritated because your tendency is to have a condescending tone and this will make things even worse.

Remember that proper communication is always the key to any grievances. Why not make a decision to live harmoniously with your neighbors for it will intensify the already existing man-made welcoming features of your community.

Live a beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta

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  1. I will refer this post to my friend so that she would be able to consider those thoughts you've shared with us in order on how to deal with noisy neighbors. I have no problem with my neighbors because I am staying in a condominium here in makati with my sister. Thank you for sharing this.


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