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August 20, 2010

How to Design the Interiors of your Condo

Imagine you are visiting a friend who lives in a nice condo project, guards greeted you warmly as you enter the gates and instantly, the welcoming ambiance of the resort-like amenities, blossoming landscape and creative architecture combined is drawn to your awareness. You walked through the lobby towards the atrium garden flourishing under the midday sun. You felt a light gust of wind on your face as you walk towards the elevator and you sighed to yourself, “This is a very nice place!” as you ascend to the 3rd floor.

You rung the bell on unit 306 and your friend opened the door, smiled at the sight of you and greeted you warmly too. You were led inside the unit and suddenly your mood changed. The welcoming ambience outside seemed to be bordered by the door of your friend’s home. The sofa seemed too big for the limited space. There are so many things lying around and colors galore that it reminded you of a stressful day at work.

Our home is our retreat from the busy world. This is why a good sense of basic interior designing is important to guide you in creating a welcoming mood in your home. Have you noticed the way you felt when you first saw the model unit? This is because of its interior design and today, I will help awaken your creative side in setting the mood of your home.

An important point to remember is that your interior reflects your lifestyle and taste. It is also important to note that a good room design should answer the following questions:

Is it functional
– The basic function of the room should be achieved like the living room for example; it is a place where we relax in the evening, watch TV, where we welcome our guests and sometimes where we read a book while slouched on the sofa. If you’re able to accommodate all these functions comfortably, then you did a good job.

Does it express a mood – Mood refers to the overall look or feel that is expressed by the room. Factors like the color schemes, furniture, window treatment, floor treatment and lighting should be consistent in expressing the same mood. A relaxed mood entails natural colors and simple furniture design while a livelier mood showcases vibrant colors and busy looking patterns.

Does it have a sense of harmony - Every aspect of the room should be in agreement in mood, scale, quality and color. One aspect of the room should compliment another. For example, if you have a beige ceiling, it would be good if you have a touch of beige on your curtains or your sofa cover too and if you have flower prints on your sofa, it would be good to have flowers in a vase on the side table too.

The following guidelines will help you choose the right pattern that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

  • Complex Patterns that use several colors and diagonal, criss-crossing lines are busy for your eye. They can liven up a large room but it can be overwhelming for a small one.
  • Vertical Lines on the prints of your sofa or drapes add height to a short room, or add more height to a high ceiling.
  • Horizontal Lines gives an illusion of creating more space or width to the room.
  • General rule of thumb for the size and scale of your space, the larger the space, the larger the print, the smaller the space the smaller the print. Yet adding a large print to a small area can give you a feeling of majesty.
  • The same grouping or pattern used throughout an area can draw together a wide open plan and it will create a flow and sense of continuity in the room.
  • Texture affects color. Rough textures will absorb light while smooth textures will reflect light.
  • Softer colors impart a more relaxed feel in the room while a bold color conveys a more energetic feel. It would be great to infuse vibrant bold colors to a neutrally painted room by adding vibrant colored furniture or painting one wall with an accent color to promote balance.
Now that you have a good insight on the basics of interior design, go ahead, imagine and work on the interiors of your home.

Live a beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta 

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  1. Hey bro! This is a great reference. Your articles will be useful as we plan to build our own house soon. You can give me more titles (with links)to review them. (I'm kinda lazy doing searching, hehe. Thanx bro!

    1. I'm admiring the time and effort you put into your articles and the detailed information you offer.


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