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September 29, 2010

Is Condo Living For You?

When I started in condo project sales, many of my friends told me that most people generally prefer house and lot over condominiums because of so many reasons like limited space; it is higher priced; you don’t really own the land; the community is congested and many others. But I thought to myself, Wow! If that is true, how come developers continue to build one condo project after another and why are they able to fill it out fast.  My conclusion is; time has passed quickly and our population had grown tremendously that the demand for real estate continues to shoot up while the supply is constant. The best way to maximize the use of a land is come up with a development like condominiums.

Now we have two options, live in a house & lot or live in a condominium. Both have their pros and cons but what I want to share today is how would you know if condo living is for you?

Here are six points that I think best describes a person who would likely prefer to live in a condo over a house & lot.

You value time – Since condo projects are located in prime areas near central business districts, a person who values his/her time and has a very busy schedule would take advantage of this benefit because this will cut down travel time in half and give them more time to spend with their loved ones and other priorities.

You value convenience – With its prime location, you don’t just cut your travel time in half; you also enjoy the convenience of having your basic needs and wants within reach like the grocery, malls, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, hospitals, banks, and others.

You want low maintenance living – With the property management taking care of everything outside your unit, you need not to worry about landscaping, watering the plants, and keeping the garden beautiful. All you need to do is enjoy the amenities and keep your unit well maintained.

Security is paramount to you – One great advantage of condo living is the high level of security for unit owners. If you are going for a long vacation, you can really enjoy it without worrying that someone might break into your home. It is a standard feature in most condominium projects to have adequate guards in the entrance and round-the-clock roaming security in the vicinity.

You give importance to value over price – They say owning a condo is more expensive than a house & lot but I beg to disagree because of these reasons:

  • Condos are built on prime lots and if you think about it, it is cheaper to own a condo compared to owning a house & lot in that same area.
  • You enjoy resort-like amenities compared to mediocre club-houses and pools in most of the affordable subdivision projects that is located outside of the city or in nearby provinces.
  • If you give monetary value to the security, low maintenance, and convenience of living in a condominium then you would say that it’s reasonably priced.
You believe that rules and regulations are necessary to maintain harmony in the community and you are amenable to abide by it.  – Many people say they don’t want to live in a condo because of its strict rules and regulations. But come to think of it, every homeowners association is governed by rules and regulations. It may just so happen that a condo community is clustered together and thus making it easier to implement these rules effectively. Rules and regulations should not be a threat to your freedom but instead an element to your comfortable living.

So, is condo living for you?  If yes, Click here!

Live a beautiful life

Ryan Rillorta

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