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September 23, 2010

Why Invest in DMCI? – Their Edge over Other Developers

The real estate industry has been in an upswing over the years and its doors opened to great opportunities for many investors turned into developers. This has been beneficial for all of us because now we have more choices as to where to invest but on the other hand, this made us think that they are all the same; that they all offer the same value. We take for granted that each developer has a unique value to offer to us, a value that only they can provide. Today, let me share the strengths of DMCI, a developer that goes beyond building houses.

 DMCI started as a construction company and is highly respected in that industry. The company is founded by Engineer David M. Consunji and because of his passion, DMCI has been recognized for its excellence in the construction industry. Some of the landmarks that they built includes: The Manila Hotel, SM Megamall, Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Philippine Stock Exchange, and many others. They also built condominiums for other developers like the Splendido, Rockwell Condominium Towers, and One Roxas Triangle Condominium. Continued research has made DMCI a pioneer in the application of advanced construction technologies. The unique architectural design for each project and innovations like the “Lumiventt” has truly put them above their competitors. As a contractor / developer, they can offer competitive prices because they don’t have to shoulder additional cost brought by the mark-up of a third-party contractor.

They are firmly committed to their mission / vision. Knowing a company’s direction is very important for an investor.and anyone who buys real estate is an investor. So before making your first real estate investment, make sure that you know the developer’s mission /vision.

DMCI Homes' Mission & Vision Statement

We shall be the best provider of residential communities designed to create a quality lifestyle responsive to the changing needs and preferences of the market we serve.

In so doing, we are committed:
to ensure Customer Satisfaction,
to a sustainable growth on our shareholders’ investment,
to a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners in the business,
to care for the environment we work in,
to the growth of our people while building an organization that espouses Integrity, Excellence, Customer Orientation and Interdependence.

They know their market and are very effective in catering for its needs. “You cannot please everybody” We all believe this is true and DMCI has made this their strength. Targeting a specific market makes one an authority in that niche and DMCI was able to achieve this. So who is their market? – Alfonso, the middle income earner who wants a balanced cosmopolitan lifestyle.

They employ property management for each project to ensure proper maintenance and to act as the executive body of the condominium corporation. Unit owners are not effective property managers because they have personal priorities like their career or business. Property management focuses on the maintenance of the common areas, the buildings, and the effective implementation of the set rules and regulations in the community to maintain or enhance its property value.

DMCI Holdings, the umbrella company. DMCI Homes is just one of the firms under DMCI Holdings. They are also engaged in mining, energy, construction and water. They have 42% ownership of Maynilad Water Services. This is not just a guarantee that all DMCI projects are assured of ample water supply but is also a guarantee that DMCI can really deliver every project that they sell.

So why invest in DMCI? – Because you know! This slogan is not intended to quip with Manny Pacquiao’s line in one of his commercials. This statement shows DMCI‘s commitment to their ultimate core value which is Customer Orientation. “Because YOU know where we are NOW…Because you know where we are GOING” 

Live a beautiful Life!

Ryan Rillorta
Real Estate Broker
PRC Reg # 5578

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