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November 01, 2010

I Invested 350.00 Pesos to Become Truly Rich!!!

Let me be a bit off-topic today. I know this has nothing to do with your plans of buying a condo. But since I always put in the phrase, “Live a beautiful life!” in all my researched blog posts, I know that this will inspire you to realize that God wants  you to think BIG dreams because He has GRAND plans for each and every one of us. He wants us to live a beautiful life. 

My Story

I was then nearing the age of 30, working as a QA Specialist in a call center. My life was a cycle of going to work, relaxing at home watching TV or playing games on the computer, playing drums with my band in non-paying gigs and spending my salary before I even get it. Since I graduated from college, I thought life was just about getting a job and trying to climb its ladder of success while raising a family on the side. I never had thoughts of making definite plans for me and my family’s future because I was living life like what most of the people around me does – Passively.

Amidst my so called passive life, I felt something was wrong deep within me. Somehow I felt that there is an emptiness inside me that needs to be filled. I realized that I’m not happy with the way things are turning out in my life. My credit card debts are rising, I have mediocre relationships, I have low self-esteem and I don’t have a strong faith in God. There is a strong urge inside me to change but I didn’t know how. I began to pray, “Lord, lead me to where You want me to be. To where You think I truly belong”. This has been my usual prayer ever since.

I had known Bo Sanchez even during my high-school years because our eldest sibling is an avid reader of Kerygma magazine. Bo’s pictures on The BOss articles then was an image of an ordinary Catholic lay preacher whom you wouldn’t  imagine that someday would become  a multi-millionaire. I read some of his articles before (which by the way has nothing to do with being wealthy) but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Little did I know that God will answer my prayer through him and that I would read his works again fifteen years after.

Encounter with My Virtual Mentor

Part of the change that I wanted was to get out of my call center job because I don’t see myself retiring in it. I joined a multi-level marketing company that sells premium  quality vitamin C at the start of 2008. I was so into it that I achieved the highest position  in their marketing plan in less than 2 months.  It was in one of their  training programs that I came across the name Bo Sanchez again because the speaker who is one of the top-earners quoted a line from his book, “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich” which goes something like, “Money is not important but it affects all the important aspects of your life”. (I tried to look for the exact wording but I realized that I lent my copy and it was never returned back to me) I was shocked to know that Bo Sanchez has a book on becoming truly rich and because I know him as a Catholic preacher, I reckon his book to be more about spiritual wealth. Nevertheless, I bought it because I was desperate to make significant change in my life and I’m willing to read any book suggested to me about personal development and success.
I read the book in one sitting and I remember that I didn’t go to work that day because I was so immersed reading it. I read many books about wealth and personal development but 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich really made more sense to me because Bo, being a pinoy has the authority to talk about the limiting beliefs that is unique to our culture and influences.

That book opened a whole new world to me. It was like a God-given map for me to have a clear vision as to where I want to go and how I would live my life. It was through that book that I started to write in detail big dreams and how I wanted to live in the next 35 years of my life. I learned that true wealth is not limited to the financial aspect but it is winning in all areas of your life. It led me to read his other books like the Simplify Series, How to Turn Thoughts into Things, How to Conquer Your Giliaths. and Choose to be Wealthy. It was through him also that I learned about other awesome books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, and the Think Rich Series real estate books by Larry Gamboa and Trace Trajano which led me to learn more about real estate.  I learned about Internet Marketing  Guru, Jomar Hilario through Bo and I’m now working my way to become an effective internet marketer. I am also subscribed to his blog and later became a member of the Truly Rich Club which has been blessing me so much ever since. Bo has become my virtual mentor.

What I have Become

Now at age thirty-something =), I feel that God has answered my prayer in the person of Bo Sanchez. I’m not saying this because I’m an avid  fan but because he virtually mentored me to live a full life, helped me fill the emptiness inside me and he continues to encourage me to live beyond my limitations. I now work as a free-lance internet marketer. and I'm working my way through real estate investing. I left my call center job six months ago to be my own boss. It was a tough decision because it means no regular stream of income for me but I hold on to my dreams and God has been blessing me. I don’t regret leaving my job because now I see so many opportunities that I didn’t realize was just in front of me, waiting to be uncovered. I have more gusto in life now because I have BIG dreams. I have stronger relationships with my family; I have control over my finances and I have a deeper relationship with God. I became a member of  Kerygma Family and I started to attend the Valle Verde FEAST in July of 2009, then later become a full pledged member of Bo’s Light of Jesus Community. Now I serve as one of the drummer for the Rizal FEAST music ministry as a way of giving back the talent that He has given me.

My Conclusion

If I am to summarize what Bo has taught me. I would say that true wealth begins with a choice, then a purpose, a correct mindset, a clear written dream, vehicles for success, a team, a mentor and a bias for action. Looking back, who would have thought that a book worth 350 pesos has the power to influence people to live beyond their limitations, live with dreams bigger than who they are and live with a strong desire to make a difference by improving other people’s lives. God truly works in mysterious ways and I’m glad I asked Him to lead the way.

Live a Beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta

PS. If you want Bo to be your virtual mentor like me then join the TrulyRichClub and be powerfully blessed. Click here!

PS2. Join Bo’s virtual community Kerygma Family and be a blessing to other people by supporting its various ministries. Click here!

PS3. I invite you to attend the weekly FEAST. Come and experience why we say that it’s the happiest place on Earth. Bo Sanchez leads the PICC FEAST every Sunday. Rizal FEAST is  held every Sunday 9-11am at Valley Fair Ortigas Ext. Taytay, Rizal. Headed by Bro. Pio Español.  There is a FEAST near you. For more info, call 725-9999. 

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  1. a very inspiring story! =)

  2. Wow a truly great story! it's as if you summarized most of the learnings I also got from being an active Feast attendee and a KFAM partner. - mila v.

  3. an inspiring message,i really want to attend seminar as the start of joining trully rich club..iam memeber already i just dont know how to make it abundance..i really need assistance coz my husband just abandoned me 4mos financial status will flunk i need mentor,advisor,teacher,guidance etc.somtimes i felt empty but i know God is there to lift me up and my you have any reservation/skedule in pampanga so we join your seminars..thanks a lot.

  4. I like your blog and I'm the same of your age...turuan mo naman ako kung pano magsimula kasi gusto ko rin matutuo about dun sa internet stocks etc kaya lang d ko alam kung pano ko magsisimula, limited lang kasi alam ko sa computer although i know the basic operation of computer and other softwares, salamat sa blog mo akala ko rin sa sarili its too late for me coz i'm 30 na and yet ganito pa rin ang financila stats ko...God bless you bro...please email me

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to know that I inspired someone with it. God bless you all!

  6. Thanks for this post Ryan. And congratulations for winning one of the free seats to Bro. Bo's Truly Rich Seminar! =D This one is another great investment...

    More power and God bless!

  7. Thank you for your comment Neri Anne. God bless you too!

  8. I want to join but is this possible here in Mindanao?pls email me

  9. Hi, if you mean joining the Truly Rich Club, yes it is possible even if you're in Mindanao. Just click on the link I posted above. God bless!

  10. Bro, kumusta? came here from bosanchez blogger contest blog. Keep sharing and learning. :)

    Red @ Virtual Assistant Business Philippines

  11. Inspiring. God really uses Bo to reach to a lot of people and change their lives. :)


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