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December 26, 2010

Interview with DMCI Homeowner Jomar Hilario – Premier Internet Marketing Guru Here in the Philippines.

I had one on one coaching with Jomar Hilario last November 26, 2010 and I asked him if I can spend some time to interview him as a DMCI homeowner to which he agreed. I visited him at Rosewood Pointe, a DMCI hybrid project located at Township Central, Taguig City. (Hybrid is a combination of mid-rise and high-rise buildings in one project.) Township Central (Now called Acacia Estates) is an 86 Hectare land in Taguig, about 3kms away from Market Market and Global City. Many DMCI projects will soon rise in that area. Right now, Royal Palm Residences, Cedar Crest, Mahogany Place and Rosewood Pointe are the ones already developed and currently selling.
It was a sunny Friday afternoon; I arrived early for my appointment so I took pictures of the area first while relaxing by the view of the beautifully landscaped garden and the spacious pool area while feeling the cool breeze of mid-afternoon wind. Then I went ahead to meet him at the second floor of the club house. Let me share some of the pictures I took. 

Our conversation was very casual so I will just present the substance of the interview. It was sort of an impromptu interview because I was not able to prepare questions for it. Nevertheless, I learned a lot from it and I hope that you do too.

Me: Are you happy that you chose to live here at Rosewood Pointe? What can you say about the property Management?

Jomar: Yes I’m happy. I have no problems here, although DMCI keeps on changing the property managers because many older residents complain so much about things that are often trivial. I don’t really mind them; I’m not a negative person. They also replace the security guards regularly because it is a common problem not just here in Rosewood but in other condo communities as well that guards are having relationships with the maids thus disrupting their duties.

Me: Aside from Rosewood Pointe, what other condo projects did you look at and why did you choose DMCI?

Jomar: I don’t remember all the project names but we did look at Cambridge in Cainta and I felt the units are so small and so ordinary that it feels lonely. We looked at Ely Properties, California Garden Square, and Serendra. We also considered Serendra but I chose to live here because the cost of a 3-bedroom condo unit inside Global City is twice the price of a 3-bedroom unit here in Rosewood considering that this is only 3 kms. away from it. Plus you get resort-like amenities here. I love this club house; it’s like an extension of my living room. I also like the idea of having separate drying cages on the rooftop. You can use it as a laundry area or you can put your junk in it. Every family has junk and DMCI even thought about it. These are the reasons why I chose to live here.

Me: How about during Ondoy’s wrath, what was the flood level here? You know, this question is now often asked by buyers of real estate so I might as well ask about it too.

Jomar: Me and my family were not here during that time. We were checked-in a hotel but they say that the only flooded area here in Rosewood are the basement parking at the mid-rise buildings. The ground floor unit owners are not affected. I can show you a picture of Rosewood during Ondoy and notice that the road and the amenities area are not flooded. (Jomar showed me a picture of rosewood during Ondoy that was shared in forum) 

Me: Are you having noise issues from your neighbors? Do you know if the units beside, above and under your unit are already occupied?

Jomar: The unit beside me is not occupied yet but the ones above and below me does. I don’t encounter any noise issues except for the sound of the strong wind at times. You know when you live at the 14th floor; oftentimes you don’t need to use the aircon or the electric fan. We get ample breeze to ventilate our 3-bedroom unit. But we have to close all our windows when its raining because the wind brings rain inside our unit too.

Do you know that the concrete walls dividing the rooms are thick enough to prevent you from hearing a normal conversation from the other room? You can only hear it when someone taps the wall or kicks it. It was not mentioned in the marketing but I’m glad that it was made like that.

Me: What do you like or enjoy most here in Rosewood Pointe?

Jomar: I really like the relaxing view of the landscaped garden and the pool. There are pocket gardens all over the place too. I love this clubhouse it’s like an extension of my living room. Other projects that we viewed don’t have amenities like this, truly resort-like, very soothing. I also like it when they installed the electrified fence around the project. It feels more secure living here now.

Me: Yes during our training, it was mentioned that all DMCI projects will be installed with an electrified fence to add security. Anyway, many people are hesitant to live in a condo because they say that its rules and regulations are somewhat limiting to one’s freedom. How do the condo rules and regulations here in Rosewood affect you?

Jomar: I’m not affected at all; I think the rules are fairly practical. Those who say that their freedom is limited are the ones who are not disciplined enough to abide by simple rules like not smoking in the common areas, responsible handling of pet wastes at the common areas and those who buys a unit but not a parking space then eventually buys a car and parks it illegally to the vacant slots that are already owned but not occupied yet. So tell your prospective buyers not to be hesitant in buying a parking space because it can be a good source of passive income. A unit to parking ratio is not 1:1 so you can rent it out eventually if you don’t have a car yet. I am wise so I bought a parking space. I wish I bought two actually, now I am renting it out for 3,500.00 per month.

Me: That’s a good insight! Yes, many condo buyers are hesitant to purchase a parking space. At least when they read this, they would know and be wiser. Thank you so much Jomar! I learned a lot from your internet marketing coaching and this interview.

Jomar: Your welcome! I’m glad to help create millionaires of 2011!

Jomar Hilario is considered as the Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins of the Philippines. He’s one of Bo Sanchez’ mentors in the field of Internet Marketing and one of the brains behind the sites, and His earlier achievements include promotion of artists like Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman and Hillsong’s Reuben Morgan. He filled the Araneta Coliseum using the internet as the main marketing medium. He continues to advance his internet marketing skills by the mentorship of the world’s top internet marketing gurus. He holds Internet Marketing Workshops, How to be a Virtual Assistant workshop and he has an online coaching and social mentoring coaching club. You can visit his site for more info.

Live a beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta 

PS. Rosewood Pointe is an older project of DMCI. It was launched five years ago. All mid-rise units are  now sold out and only three units are left in the high-rise buildings, Jade and Iris. You can contact me if interested. Smart - 0999 520-62-73 Sun - 0933 977 1096 Suntel - 345 3239.

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  1. Great interview of Jomar, congrats Ryan! Rosewood Pointe is really a very nice place, I myself have been visiting the place quite often and each has always been a pleasant visit.

    On another note, the electric fence (and the overall security of all DMCI projects) is quite impressive. Sometimes it reminds me of Jurassic park... hehe.

  2. wow... excellent... happy selling...

  3. Hello Ryan,

    You did a great interview here. Galing. The funny part for me (which is also true) is what Sir Jomar made mention about guards that are having an affair with the maids. Not totally bad, nasa lugar lang but not to the point of disrupting their duties (for both of them) Hahah. I also like passive income in buying parking space in condo, 3,500.00 per month, not bad!

    More Success in your Real Estate Venture.

    Stay Being Remarkable,
    Red @ Virtual Assistant Business Philippines

  4. Nice interview!

    Gives us an insight or how our online mentor lives and that he really is accommodating. nice input in getting new passive income ideas.

    keep it up!

  5. Nice interview! DMCI Projects are really a nice place to live. You can to enjoy you free time because of its wonderful amenities! :)

  6. Thank you guys! Jay Castillo, anonymous and Red. I'm glad that you all liked the interview and you took time to comment here. More power to all of you.

  7. Nice Post/Interview!

    I had a chance to chat with Mr Hilario when i attended TRQ last time and all i can say is that he is really a very accommodating and down to earth guy. Nice blog you have here, keep up the good work Ryan!


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