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December 31, 2010

Living In a DMCI Project is Not for Everyone! How To Know if it’s For You?

Just recently I accompanied a client to a tripping at Tivoli Garden Residences, Coronado Hi-way Mandaluyong City . He represented his sister who’s working abroad and is interested to buy a unit at Flair Towers, a high-rise project located between Pioneer and Shaw Boulevard. He already owned a condo and is planning to purchase another unit to rent out. He is helping her sister to decide on where to buy and he agreed to evaluate DMCI’s past projects for her. I led him to Tivoli because it showcases the Lumiventt feature that is also designed for Flair Towers.

I excitedly bragged about the resort-like amenities of Tivoli and explained the significance of the Lumiventt Technology but somehow I sensed his objections because I lost count of how many times he said, “Maganda sya…pero…” (It’s beautiful…but). He would always compare DMCI with his condo saying things like:

- I have low risk tolerance and I don’t like investing in pre-selling projects (Pertaining to Flair Towers) because of the risk that the units may not be delivered in the future. I bought my condo when it’s already RFO (Ready for occupancy). The price may be higher for completed projects but you eliminate the risk of losing your money if the developer fails to deliver. I feel more secure that way.

-This is high-end with its beautiful amenities and classy ambiance. I bet the prices of the units are quite high and it would be harder to rent out because many people prefer low rental condos.

- I don’t like the location because it’s not as strategic as the projects inside Makati where I live. I have easy access to transportation, busses and jeepneys are just outside our lobby and we have a commercial complex on our ground floor.

I acknowledged his objections then I explained that DMCI aims to cater a specific market and at the back of my mind I was saying, “This person has different preferences and is not part of the target market”. Before I tell how to know if DMCI is for you, let me give you the points I countered with his objections:

Firstly, most of DMCI’s recent projects aims to target the middle-class market and is not high-end. They can offer competitive prices because they are the developer and at the same time the contractor of the project. They also acquire properties in strategic areas just outside or very accessible to the prime commercial areas and central business districts so the cost of the land is not as high compared to the ones inside the prime areas. The reason for the resort-like amenities is to distinguish DMCI from the conventional amenities that most developers offer because they believe that their market deserves a retreat from the cramped and busy lifestyle of the city. A conducive place for relaxation, family enjoyment and comfort living.

About pre-selling risks, this is true but it is less likely to happen to big firms like Ayala Land, SMDC and of course DMCI. DMCI does not depend on pre-selling sales to build their projects. In fact, they
often finish their projects ahead of their target RFO date. DMCI is also under an umbrella company, DMCI holdings Incorporated and they engage in mining, construction, utilities (Maynilad Water), real estate development (DMCI Homes) and energy (DMCI Power Corporation). The point here is that they have diversified investments that continue to grow through the years. This is a strong guarantee that they can deliver what they are pre-selling today. Any investment involves risks but you can minimize the risk if you make an effort to study it.

So how to tell if DMCI is for you?

You might have guessed it but in case not, DMCI is for you if you don’t have objections like the ones I listed above when presented with a DMCI project. You are part of the target market if you feel that your comfort should not be compromised. If you feel that you don’t need a home that mimics your outside world with its low ceiling, doors opening to doors type of corridor, typical ventilation ,  ordinary amenities and cramped building layout. You deserve a better home and DMCI knows it.

Live a beautiful life!

Ryan Rillorta 
PS. Tivoli Garden Residences is the first project that featured the Lumiventt Technology, a breakthrough in building design that maximizes natural light and airflow in the units. For more information click here!

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  1. I am surely believe that DMCI is for me! =)


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