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May 14, 2011

Are You Like Alfonso?

I mentioned in a previous post that DMCI aims to satisfy the needs and serve a specific market. Their commitment to this market made them an authority in this niche. Over the past decade, DMCI launched 30 successful condominium and subdivision projects and still counting. All is directed towards servicing “Alfonso”. I can hear you say now, “So who is Alfonso?” – He is a character in the brand story of DMCI “Heroes of the Underserved” He is a middle income earner and is the representation of the market that DMCI aims to serve. Let me tell you the qualities of Alfonso:

Smart and intelligent – Alfonso is a person who does not favor mediocrity. He wants the best value for his money. He makes intelligent decisions by carefully weighing all factors involved. He dirties his hand, does the research, asks around, compares and evaluates things according to his values and this is why he always makes sound decisions.

Highly motivated, career driven – Alfonso has a clear idea on what he wants. He knows what direction to take and because of his focus, he instinctively attracts things and opportunities that push him more towards that direction.

Wants a balanced cosmopolitan life – Alfonso values his family and career. He wants to live in a place close to his place of work but still conducive to relaxation and spending quality time for his family. He wants convenience and yet come home to a place where he could get away from the busy mood of the city.

Not easily swayed by brand developments – Other developers pay lots of money to get endorsements from famous actors and actresses hoping that they could influence investors to gain interest and eventually buy in their projects. This is not an effective strategy for Alfonso because he knows what he wants and therefore will not be easily swayed by marketing propagandas like that. You know what? I know someone working abroad whom when asked why he bought a unit from a certain developer, his serious answer was, “Well, because it was endorsed by Ruffa Gutierrez.” Ah okay, that seems very convincing indeed.

Comprises 35% of Metro Manila’s population – While other developers cater the needs of the lower income class or maybe the high-end class or even mixed, DMCI made a decision to serve the middle income class and be the best at that because they comprise a significant part in our population too.

So are you like Alfonso? If you think you are, then you’re in the right place. All you need to do is contact me so I can help you invest in DMCI Homes.

Live a Beautiful Life

Ryan Rillorta
Real Estate Broker
PRC Reg # 5578

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