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June 23, 2011 Turns One Year!

Time really flies because just turned one year yesterday, June 22, 2011. It has been a great experience doing research, juicing out ideas from my brain, doing interviews (I know I posted only one interview but I have another one to be released in a couple of days.) and putting it all into a blog post that aims to aid prospective condo investors to have a clear picture of what condo living is like. As well as present the strengths of DMCI’s competitive projects among others.

I learned a lot from this journey and now that I am a certified real estate professional and I continue to see DMCI’s growth as a builder and developer, I look forward to provide even better value in the next updates on this blog.

It is also nice to see a log of over 10,000 page views since last year, not bad if you ask me because I only had 41 posts in the last twelve months and 13 of these posts are project presentations. You know what? My wish for the next twelve months is to have over 50,000 page views, over 1000 thousand subscribers and be able to help more people invest in DMCI homes.

You can help make it happen!

You can definitely help me achieve this if you share this to your friends and relatives whom you think will benefit from this site. I created this to provide value and to tap the people who are part of DMCI’s target market. I can only reach out for them if you help me share to your network. I know DMCI is not for everyone but I also know that someone out there will be so thankful for this site. I’d be more than happy to serve them well.

What would be a nice gift?

Now that turns one year old, can I ask you for a gift? Just one click and that’s it. Just make sure to point your mouse first on the LIKE button of our Facebook page link at the top right part of this page. Great! Thank you so much!

Live a beautiful Life!

Ryan Rillorta
Real Estate Broker
PRC Reg. # 5578

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