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Hi, I’m Ryan Rillorta, an accredited Project Sales Consultant of DMCI Homes under URBANet (United Realty Brokers and Appraisers Network). I got hooked into real estate when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad” as well the books of Larry Gamboa and Trace Trajano’s, “Think Rich Series’. This made me seek more knowledge about real estate so I enrolled in the Lecture Series and Buy and Sell mentoring course of Urban Institute of Real Estate. I wanted to get my hands dirty in this industry right away to familiarize myself with actual real estate transactions so I decided to start my career in project sales. I am  now a certified Real Estate Broker with license # 5578. The goal of this blog is  not just to market DMCI projects but to educate prospective buyers like you and help you make a wise condo investment.   I'm not claiming expertise on this subject but I have the passion to learn and  sharing is a great way  of learning. So let’s learn and live a beautiful life!

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You may have something to share that will help us educate others about investing in condominiums. Comments, be it negative or positive are most welcome as well as stories, insights and ideas that is relevant to the objective of this blog. Please send an email to

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